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Cornering the Elephant in the Algo Room


Colin Lambert at The Full FX speaks with Mathijs Peeters at Siege FX about “Cornering the Elephant in the Algo Room”

A couple of excerpts –

“The challenge for the industry is providing the right model that offers sufficient liquidity to attract the algos – especially those executing larger parent orders – whilst making it a fair and “safe” environment in which to operate for all parties. Solving this problem, in the words of Mathijs Peeters, head of distribution for Europe at Siege FX, ‘allows the market to corner the elephant in the algo room’.”

“As a model, however, the dark pool concept is very likely to work in FX markets, possibly even better than in equities given the OTC nature of the business. The challenge now, for all the firms pushing to offer dark, or mid-market matching, is building liquidity levels further.”

The full article is free to read –

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