Risk voted Quantile the winner of this award based on extensive feedback from clients and market participants. As a result, it is evident that Quantile is emerging as the preferred partner for Dealers.

A few highlights from the Risk article -

- Bank clients say Quantile, with its start-up swagger, has been better able to tailor compression runs to their needs.

- “Say we want to change something, it can be turned around quite quickly,” says a clearing expert at a US bank. “The other providers have all got their benefits, but for Quantile it’s the agility that they have.”

- “As the population of participants grows, we expect the amount getting compressed to become greater,” says the clearing expert at the US bank.

- A second bank confirmed the compression volumes in cleared swap runs are already comparable between the two providers. In November, Quantile hit new records for total volume compressed at the London-based clearing house.

The complete article is free to read - https://www.risk.net/awards/6178751/otc-infrastructure-service-of-the-year-quantile-technologies